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Gauteng taps could start running dry as Stage 4 load shedding drags on - these areas may be hit first

March 20, 2019

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When the taps run dry: what is your family's plan to cope with severe water shortage?

12 Sep 2017



It's not unthinkable that we could have to shower in salty water one day. Right now, we have rethink each drop of water – here are a few ideas.


I recently overheard a Cape Town dad saying to another – and I’m not making this up: "Ja so we had a well point installed in our garden, and now no-one can be on my case and my kids can run through the sprinkler anytime they wish." He made it sound as if:

  • There was a conspiracy against his family with the nasty council wanting to spoil their fun;

  • There’s an endless supply of underground water that will never dry up.