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Gauteng taps could start running dry as Stage 4 load shedding drags on - these areas may be hit first

March 20, 2019

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#WorldEnvironmentDay: Are South Africans Living Eco-friendly Enough?

8 Jun 2017



World Environment Day has developed into a global platform for taking action on urgent environmental issues, driving change in our consumption habits as well as influencing national and international policy

With 5 June 2017 being World Environment Day, the month of June puts the spotlight on the environment and sustainability - reminding us to work towards keeping our planet safe and living sustainably.
As South Africans, we can be proud of the steps that various large organisations are taking, as highlighted by the list of nominees in the Eco-Logic Awards 2017, with many SA communities leading the eco-way. However, despite the efforts of larger communities and organisations, we must ask ourselves, are we as individuals, doing enough? According to The Global Footprint Network, we are in an ecological overshoot, with the current global population being three times the sustainable level. This means it takes the earth one year and six months to regenerate what we use in a year.
The small things
A recent survey done by local design and manufacturing studio, Love Milo, revealed that many people are still not aware of the small things they could do in their daily lives to lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Almost half surveyed, admitted to having only a ‘reasonable’ idea of how to change their habits, while more than half (54%) said they are only sometimes conscious of their eco-efforts.