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Gauteng taps could start running dry as Stage 4 load shedding drags on - these areas may be hit first

March 20, 2019

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Johannesburg Water implements heavy water restrictions, urges residents to be frugal

5 Sep 2016

Johannesburg Water is increasing the price households pay for using more water each month. (Gallo)


Spring comes with the promise of rain, but after two years of drought there still isn’t enough water to go around.


That reality has seen most of the water utilities across South Africa up their water restrictions. Eight of the nine provinces have declared drought disasters. Gauteng, for its part, has been incrementally increasing the restrictions its cities place on households for water use.


But Rand Water says the Vaal River system had dropped below the 60% threshold – the point at which the next level of alarm has to be raised. It has told its clients – in this case Johannesburg Water – that they need to immediately drop their water consumption by 15% to avoid water shortages.


If that happens, the city will have to start turning off water to certain parts of the city so that it can build up reservoir capacity. This is what happened earlier this year, when power failures left reservoirs empty and the city was forced to cut off supply while it built up storage.


This is why Johannesburg Water has implemented Level 2 water restr