Water Filtration System

The water filtration system both reduces the demand for municipal water and supplements the supply. The system includes the harvesting of rainwater with the Ecoharvester Gutter Flush, the storage of water in water tanks, and a pump to deliver this water into the household water pipes through a filtration system. A control box is provided to change the water source (i.e. Provide the house with municipal water should there be a power failure.


The beauty of the Ecoharvester Filtration System is that the tanks really can be placed anywhere and that means that these no longer need to be obtrusive, but well hidden
How? Water is delivered from Gutter Flush to water tanks.
Water runs from the Gutter Flush in a 50mm pipe down the wall and into a ring main to the tank / s. 



In order to get this system to pay back the cost of installation, it is imperative that the system be filled and used during the rain season.  As senseless it is to allow the rain tank to overflow because you are wasting water, it is just as senseless to think that the rain may be kept for the dry season. At 250 liters use per person per day, one can see that the draw down is very rapid. The average households monthly use is 30 000 liters.  This is the equivalent of five 5000 liter tanks.  Clearly this volume may fill as many times in a month from a few hundred square meters of roof area. It should be clear that it is very important to draw on the rain tanks immediately, which also minimizes the storage capacity of the tanks.


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