Grey water is defined as water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines or the laundry. Water from any other household source (toilet water, and from kitchen and bidets) is considered black water, and must be allowed to proceed to the sewer and be treated by sewerage treatment works.

A bath uses 120 liters and a shower 80 liters of water. This water is called grey water. You pay for it, and then it all goes down the drain. Our Grey Water System uses this grey water to immediately irrigate your garden, saving you a substantial portion of your water bill.

Grey water recycling is the solution to problems relating to demand and supply management of water, not only in South Africa but worldwide.

  • Water supply management concerns the water supplied by the municipality to your home or business. The supply of water is severely stressed in South Africa. In simple terms, we do not have any space left to build more dams.

  • Water demand management is how you or the municipality manage the use of this precious resource.
    Grey water is the biggest contributor to wastage of water and though knowledge of this very useful source is growing generally, this knowledge is still woeful.  At best 33% of water consumed in the home is normally thrown away, and at worst perhaps 50%. It is preposterous that any municipality allows this precious source of good water to be thrown away. Grey water is very useful for irrigation.

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