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Rainwater Harvesting Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the session held?

Our in-home studio is located at 5813 W 155th St, Overland Park, KS 66223

Can we get a full family picture?

Yes! The majority of this session is designed for children only, but if requested the parents may join for a family picture.

What if my child is afraid of Santa?

The 15 minute session is long enough to allow us time to slowly and gently introduce your child to Santa. We have lots of tricks to help encourage kids to interact with Santa, including cookies! If our tricks don't work, we'll ask a parent to come into the scene to hold their child. So please come dressed to be in the photos just in case! For kids who continue to be uncomfortable with Santa, we will take Santa out of the set to get pictures of just your child. We've never had a session where we didn't get a great gallery in the end ::knock on wood::

Is the session fee refundable?

Due to the extremely limited availability and the cost of bringing Santa to the studio, we are unable to offer refunds for these sessions.

Can we bring our pet?

Yes, pets are welcome in our studio!

Can our friends or cousins be in our pictures?

Each session includes immediate family only. However, if two groups book sessions we can schedule them back to back and get pictures together.

When will our images be delivered?

All Santa galleries will be delivered by Dec 6.

Galleries will be edited in the order they're shot, so the earlier in the day you book, the sooner you'll get your pictures!

What ages of kids are these sessions for?

These sessions are suitable for children of any age. We've had babies as young as 4 months and teenagers attend these sessions.

What should we wear?

The studio closet has vintage style pajamas available for girls and boys between sizes 2T and 6.
Your family, or your older kids, may wear their own pajamas or dress clothes. Solid colored shirts, sweaters, or dresses are recommended. Avoid busy patterns. Blues, reds, and neutrals look particularly nice.

We recommend at least one parent come dressed to be in the pictures, just in case one of your children isn't comfortable being in the set without you.

What if I want more than 4 images?

Additional images are available for $30 each. Depending how well your little ones interacted with Santa, there will be around 7-10 total images available in your gallery.

You may also buy your full gallery for $85.

If your purchase our heirloom Storybook, your full digital gallery is included in that purchase.

What special precautions are being taken for Covid-19?

The set will be sanitized between every session. Santa will be washing his hands between each session.

We we have a screen printed santa-beard for Santa to wear if you prefer.
I will be wearing a mask and parents are requested to wear masks.

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