Water Pressure when Pumping from a Water Tank

Some areas experience a reduction in water pressure which is part of water shedding. Most of our systems are set-up to deliver water into the house / irrigation at a steady, regular pressure and flow (depends on the demand). Some pumps allow you to set the desired pressure and flow, but precaution must be taken at all times to prevent over pressurization which can lead to the bursting of pipes.

Electricity outages and Pumping from Rainwater Tanks

Electricity outages are something that pervades our age. Our system allows you to override to municipal supply if you do not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) or back-up solar /battery panels. If you experience a power and water outage at the same time (and you haven’t left the country yet) then it’s called ‘get back to basics’ – we have catered for that as well 

UPS power for water pumps
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