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Johannesburg, Gauteng

  • Two consecutive days of Stage 4 load shedding at key pumping stations will run dry its reservoirs, Gauteng water supplier Rand Water says.

  • But it can't survive any level of electricity rationing indefinitely, and places at the far end of its distribution netwo...

Drinking water in Johannesburg and Tshwane is polluted with microplastics, a new study has found.

Substantial amounts of microplastics – bits of plastics less that 5mm in size – were found in the tap water in both cities, as well as in rivers in Gauteng and in borehole...

Cape Town - As Capetonians awoke to the first day of further water restrictions on Monday, water outages in various areas continued to plague the city.

Parts of Zonnebloem, Glencairn, Constantia, Sea Point and Bellville were among nine locations which the municipality s...

18 Sep 2017

The City of Ekurhuleni is putting water saving measures in place to manage peak water demand as temperatures rise and, it’s calling on residents and businesses to do the same.

As spring temperatures go up the demand for water and water-using activities – like gardening...

12 Sep 2017

It's not unthinkable that we could have to shower in salty water one day. Right now, we have rethink each drop of water – here are a few ideas.

I recently overheard a Cape Town dad saying to another – and I’m not making this up: "Ja so we had a well point installed in o...

4 Sep 2017

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Water says it expects 33-hour water cuts in the western suburbs on Tuesday.

Residents can expect to have their water cut from 8am.

This is due to Rand Water replacing and repairing portions of the main water line.

“The planned shutdown is envis...