The amortization (paying off the capital) of a rainwater system is best done by filling and emptying the rainwater tank/s as often as possible. If you use the water inside the house as well then you don’t need as many tanks than what you would need if it was only being used for irrigation for instance. Why? Because you will draw from the tanks on a daily basis compare to trying to harvest and store for a longer period of time (till after the rain when the garden needs it again).

Our system’s amortization period varies between approx. 6 – 8 years(bigger off-grid systems), but it also depends if you install more than one system, meaning you can stretch your harvested rainwater so much further especially if you recycle it back into the garden again. You want to avoid two things; tanks that overflow and tanks that never fill.


Each installation is designed based on factors influencing your home / household. There is no ‘standard’ system. We design around your budget and aesthetics. Tanks aren’t ‘pretty’, but there are ways of installing them as well….. Being in control of your own water supply and your own quality of water is priceless.

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